Total Miners


Total Hashrate

408 MH/s

** Try to leave your rig on the network for a few days if possible to help strengthen and grow the pool! **

Total Miners

Total Hashrate
428.07 MH/s

Mature Blocks

Mine Ravencoinlite

Mine Ravencoin Lite

NO POOL FEES | Middle of the World Location

Mining Quickstart

Start Mining Today

1. Download An Official Wallet

The first step to mining is to download and setup a wallet. Make sure to choose an official wallet provided by the coin's main website or official git-hub.

2. Create A Receiving Address

Launching your wallet will begin the syncing process. Create a receiving address for the Ravencoin you mine. You can create more than one address.

3. Download A Miner

The miner is the program that does all of the work. We recommend miners like T-rex and Gminer, however there are many different options available.

4. Setup/Edit Starting .bat File

Edit the batch (.bat) file with the proper startup script. An example T-rex startup script is shown above. Run the batch file to start mining!

Example .bat Startup Scripts

Ravencoin Lite

t-rex -a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u RViKMXmRUUXRtAifmvDRk9wqscMVf5hFeV.RIG01 -p c=RVL

Edit the wallet / rig name and replace line .bat that comes with the mining program of your choice. All strings are one single line.

PROP Pool Payout

Our pools currently use a proportional payout system. That means that payouts are earned as blocks are mined, and your share percentage will roughly equal your payout percentage per block. Once blocks are confirmed, coins are issued. never takes any pool fees.